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Pre-Drywall and New Construction Inspection

Pre-Drywall Inspection

A pre-drywall inspection is performed just before the installation of the insulation and drywall.  Items inspected are the framing, vapor barriers, plumbing installation, electrical, drainage – including the foundation level measurement. It basically reviews anything that will be covered up by building material later in the building process.

New Construction Inspection

A new construction inspection is performed when a newly built home is ready for move in but before your final walk-thru with the builder.  A new construction inspection covers the same items as the buyer’s inspection – including the foundation level measurement and infrared scan.

Pre-Drywall Inspection and New Construction Inspection

This is a combination service of pre-drywall inspection and new construction inspection.  An added discount will be included if you contact us to perform the new construction inspection before your final walk-thru with the builder.

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