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Termite Inspection

Termites commonly cause problems in homes, but it is not always easy to detect an infestation. Getting a professional termite inspection will determine if you have termites. Termites eat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can cause major damage.

Sewer Scope Inspection

A sewer scope inspection is performed for homeowners who are experiencing slow drains or blockage in the sewer system. Sewer scope of main lateral lines beneath structure & yard line. (For homes with a Septic System. Sewer Scope Inspection will only be performed for the lateral lines beneath the structure).

Rental Property Inspection

A rental property inspection is performed for rental property owners or property management companies. A rental property inspection performs a complete observation of the property. Reporting property conditions of the interior and exterior, roof covering, home structure, yard condition, electrical, plumbing etc.


A re-inspection is performed for people whose homes were previously inspected by Yellow Hat Inspections. A re-inspection covers the items that were found deficient in the initial inspection – re-inspection is primarily for New Construction Inspections so the buyer can verify that the repairs have been made by the builder.

Foundation Inspection

A foundation inspection is performed for people whose homes are experiencing foundation movement. Foundation inspection includes the foundation level measurement of the foundation, inspecting the home for structural movements such as structural cracks, trim separations, sticking doors, and misaligned windows.

Roof Leak Inspection

A roof leak inspection is performed for people who are experiencing roof leaks. A roof leak inspection is conducted by using information provided by the homeowner regarding the visible evidence of water entering the house — the use of an infrared camera, moisture meter together with a knowledge of building construction.

Pool / Spa Inspection

A pool / spa inspection is performed for people who are buying a home with a pool or spa. A pool / spa inspection is an observation of the condition of the pool, pool equipment, and yard grading around the pool.

Outbuilding Inspection

An outbuilding inspection is performed for people who are buying or selling a home with an outbuilding. EX: pool house, guest house, apartment etc. An outbuilding inspection covers the same items as the buyer’s inspection – including the foundation level measurement and infrared scan.